UpdatedThursday February 4, 2016 byMike Chambers.

Boys and girls ranging in age from 11 to 12 years.

Major division deals in advanced situations, sportsmanship and respect for the game. Skill levels will vary from player to player, but by this level each child should have a firm understanding of basic baseball skills; fielding a groundball, catching a fly-ball, proper batting mechanics and effective base running.

The focus in this division is preparing the player for their eventual transition into the 13-15 year old division. It is also a period where a child’s growth will change how they play the game. Some kids will grow 5 inches, others will become more muscular and some may develop into speedy runners.

It is important to teach players that to have success playing baseball they have to work with the skills they have and adapt to newly discovered talents. Success can be an awesome reward for perseverance and hard work.